Professional Organizations:

American Association of Family and Consumer Science
The mission of the AAFCS is to provide leadership and support for professionals whose work assists individuals, families, and communities in making informed decisions about their well being, relationships, and resources to achieve optimal quality of life.

New Jersey Association of Family and Consumer Science
New Jersey Association of Family and Consumer Sciences, an affiliate of the American Association of Family and Consumer Sciences, is the only professional organization dedicated to Family and Consumer Sciences professionals. As an association, we strive to improve the quality and standards of individual and family life by providing educational programs, influencing public policy, and through communication. NJAFCS members work to empower individuals, strengthen families, and enable communities. Our members focus on the reciprocal relationships among individuals, families and communities, along with the environments in which they function.

New Jersey Coalition of Financial Education
The goal of the New Jersey Coalition for Financial Education is to improve the personal financial literacy of New Jersey’s citizens by promoting the teaching of personal finance to people of all ages. The Coalition believes that all citizens of New Jersey must have the financial literacy necessary to make informed financial decisions.

The Family and Consumer Sciences Education Association (FCSEA) is a voluntary organization of family and consumer sciences educators and others associated with or interested in family and consumer sciences instruction in schools and colleges.