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Now it is - the link is the same of the - some pages are changed, but the meal planner continues. More changes will be coming. Physical activity has been taken off the icon - now we just have to remember to Sweat! Check it out - lets get some comments

Goodbye Food Pyramid, Hello Dinner PlateWell, we didn't really love the new pyramid - but after using it for 6 years, it is being replaced this week. More to come... Click on the headline to read the related New York Times article from May 27, 2011.

Working with your hands...

This article was printed by THE NEW YORK TIMES, May 2009; but it is a good reminder as we sometimes question our chosen profession.

Food DemocracyNow! is set out to let us know about potentially harmful pathogens in our agricultural products. Join the petition if you are concerned with the chemicals that eventually will make it into our food supply.