* Fashion and Textiles*


Fashion Related Sites:

Spoonflower offers the budding fashion designer and artist the ability to design and produce with their personally designed fabrics. Fabric prices run from $18 -32/ yard, with $5 swatches. The swatches are quilt square size, so they are good for smal piece work. There are weekly contests for fabrics, and blogs for collaboration with other artists.

Pattern Making:

Free Wild Things is a pattern making site that enables a student to create an original pattern for a variety of accessories. It does need to be downloaded, so be aware if you do not have the ability to download to your school computer. There are fee based pattern making websites, but the pricing could be prohibitive.


Webquilteris a free site that with registration allows a quilt designer to create a design using a variety of fabric choices. Calculations for fabric and batting yardage is included, patterns can be printed, and there is a very complete help site. There is a Blog connected to this site, so the ability to collaborate is offered.

Center Square Pillow Pattern:

A simple quilt square pillow that can utilize photo printed fabrics. The pattern is simple and easy to follow. Website offers other patterns that would be easily integrated into course work. quilted pillow-center square.pdf. Ben Frankin Crafts offers quite a few easy to follow patterns for simple projects. The project sheets are easy to follow.