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Food Safety - Teaching through Video Games.

Without a doubt, Middle School Students love video games. There has been some talk in educational research about how this media form can help with learning. Rutgers University and New Mexico State University have teamed up to see just how true this is. Try this link to see how well you do with Food Safety through the NinjaKitchen Game.

SIZZLE magazie
A free digital magazine produced through the American Culinary Federation. This is FREE and students can have it delivered directly to their personal email accounts. Reviews of cooking methods, history, career paths. This is a very professionally done magazine and would have uses for us both as educators and students. Check it out and subscribe.

Key Ingredients - American Food History

As part of the Smithsonian Institute travelling exhibit, Key Ingedients, they created a Teacher Guide to integrate the History of American Food into the curriculum. Even though the exhibit has moved on there a many lessons that can be integrated easily into the Foods curriculum at Middle and High School Levels. It is worth reviewing this: key_ingredients.pdf.

Food Safety

Partnership for Food Safety Education offers a Game Plan
for teachers - this is geared to 5-8 grades, but the experiments can be used to reinforce previous knowledge.

Miss America and Healthy Eating

Teresa Scanlon is promoting healthy eating with Produce for Kids, cooking with children and Children's Miracle Network.

See the Press Release and follow the links. Great information that can be incorporated into classes -


Tool for menu planning

This site offers a weekly and daily menu planning process. It will save your menu, and will even produce a shopping list.

You need to create an account, but that way you have a way to archive your saved meals. Recipes are offered through the search engine, starting with
the key ingredients. You can search for meal, or for individual dish. Videos , blogs and contests are available.
Dinner Tool



Kitchen & Food Safety PSA assignment - Glogster

This can be easily modified for your classroom - check out edu.glogster - it is a fun, online poster website that will offer teachers FREE accounts with up to 50 students. Follow links in Word document to see examples.
Food-Kitchen Safety PSA assignment.doc


Using for nutritional analysis (middle school)

Authentic evaluation of our diet is very eye opening; with the quest for healthier students, this is an excellant jumping off point -This is a revised edition of an assignment I have been using for several years and I can say that students have positively changed some of their eating habits. There are some other nutritional analysis sites available, but many are connected to profit focused entities. The Word document I give students is attached. SStinson

Healthy Balance Toolkit

Cigna Health offers many tools that can be used in the coursework for nutritional information. There a downloads of podcasts on a variety of health and nutrition related issues.